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Content Management Service

After we’re done with building your website using our WordPress Conversion service, now it’s time to handle all the content-related tasks your website may need. These tasks range from regular updates on the contents or just a number of refinements of the old ones to the essential content updates based on proper HTML meta tags which is of a vital task in terms of SEO. Nowadays, Content Management is deemed as an indispensable service without which a business/website owner cannot count on considerable achievements.

Wordune provides a variety of services under content management service, such as:

  • WordPress Migration

Migration to a new hosting company can be an overwhelming job to do. Protecting all content, plugins and website configuration from going through a data loss might be pretty time-consuming and sometimes tricky. Moreover, you need to take account of the downtime as a side effect of the migration process. If you have no clue in this process, you will find it difficult. Although many Migration plugins are out there, You’d better avoid taking the risk of fully trusting them. Our experts at Wordune Content Management Service can help you to move your website to a new hosting company or from a staging environment to production in a brief space of time without losing any data or experiencing downtime.

  • SEO Content Writing

SEO writing will make your website rank higher at search engines, but the bottom line is that without doing keyword research and gathering audience insights, nothing much will happen. So the main concern is to bring in qualified and targeted traffic. We can help you with:

Identifying your exact audience

Content writing after studying your data

Creating a content plan

On-page SEO checking

  • Other services

Your requirements might be even beyond the content management services presented above. For instance, there’s probably a need for having a multilingual website, optimized images with proper name and tags in terms of the SEO or fixing broken links and pages and so on. You can rest assure that our experts in Wordune will take care of all these tasks.

Further Content Management help:

  • Supporting multi-language content injections
  • Updating/adding content to your website on a regular basis
  • Optimizing the images and their file names based on SEO guidelines
  • Reducing/compressing Video files
  • Adding/editing the products (WooCommerce) / Portfolios, Blog or any custom post types (CPTs) posts
  • Migrating content between themes and websites
  • Considering SEO tag guidelines for all textual contents

1- Submit your project to Auradesk

After a simple Sign-up in our ticketing system, using the “Submit your project” button on right sidebar, you need to share your content through attach file section. Your files can be any of below formats:

Doc (Microsoft Word), PDF, Google sheets and etc.


2- Review by an agent

An agent will review your project requirements. He/she will informs you about missing contents or information. You will get quoted at this stage.

3- Content injection

Your Content Management service request will start. Dummy contents will be replaced with your refined contents. Image resize and optimizing (based on SEO guidelines) are a must and are included in Content Management service. Renaming those images to a digest and standard names will be considered as well. If your content include videos compression will be applied to avoid any page speed deduction.

 4- Responsiveness + QA phase

Once content injecting is done, we will run a rigorous QA, before delivering the project for your review.

5- Final modifications

Happily, we’re on last stage of Content Management services. We’ll inform you about this and you’ll get a good chance of reviewing your contents.

Hourly fee: $20.00

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