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WordPress Web Design Service

About our WordPress Web Design Services:

An astonishing web design is the base of a shockingly well performing website. We believe that an awesome design generates more visitors and achieves a higher conversion rate leading to more sales. Conversion design is a crucial part of an online marketing strategy.

Our Design files include image layers, layer masks, adjustment layers, annotations, keywords, file information, and other highest specific tool design aspects. All of them are used by graphics professionals to create visual aesthetics on websites. But after WordPress with its thousands of themes hit the floor; Our design file can be made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

We Design Premium Templates, Logo, Business Card, any kind of graphic for Print and digital media.

A website says so much about a business! Why settle for anything less than a great one? Stop customers from second questioning your services or products, and make every impression count.

Earnestness and Diligence are what we aim at. Our innovative designs are the reflection of our creativity. We not only work, but we also design a masterpiece for the digital world. We listen, research, refine and redefine the user requirements to give an amazing user experience.

We will consider these points for our WordPress Web Design Services:


  • Discovery workshops

To us, it’s important to understand your goals. Our Discovery Workshop allows us to determine what you need and create a plan of action.

  • Functional design

Visitors know what they’re looking for. So in our Functional Design, we focus on making the easiest and most user-friendly design possible.

  • Wireframes

Wireframes are like the building plans of your house. It primarily allows us to define the information hierarchy and structure of the design.

  • User flows

Pages on a website are like words in a sentence: they need to be in the right order to make your point successfully. We can help you say what you want to say in the best way possible.

  •  Smooth animations

Animations can make the experience of your website more interactive and entertaining. We combine small and large scale animations.

  • Parallax

When storytelling is important, we use animations, like parallax, to let your visitors experience your product in a new way.

  • Pixel perfect design

The quality of design comes to life in our websites. We develop high-quality design and deliver it, pixel perfect, every time!

  • Webfonts

Typography is a central component of great design and branding. Thanks to new web services, we’re able to use unique fonts in your WordPress website.

1- Submit your project to Auradesk

After a simple Sign-up in our ticketing system, using the “Submit your project” button on right sidebar, you need to share your business assets through attach file section. Your files can be any of below formats:

Doc (Microsoft Word), PDF, Google sheets and etc.


2- Exploration

Our expert team takes the hold of the project and finds out what exactly your expectations are for that we conduct research and understand your needs. We use our expertise and provide results that are actually what you want. 

3- Sketch

For design, sketch is a powerful application created specifically. Our experts understand you and your needs on the basis of which we finalize the sketch process and make the design layout which can be functional and workable.

 4- Digitization

Digitization is a main process and in this our team of designers commits to convert the sketch into digital format and produce the product in amusable format.

5- Color

Our designer team uses compatible colors because everything has to be perfect or nobody will have to look into your website being a professional piece of software.

6- Final design

We always care about you looking good so our designer team  put great efforts into creating the professional landing page design for your websites. Our high landing page design is something in line with best design practices and meets today’s requesting business users standard.

Hourly fee: $30.00

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