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Custom WordPress Development

You might’ve come to realize that your website needs more advanced or customized features because your theme or the current available built-in plugins are not good enough to fulfill your requirements. We have a practical suggestion for you. With the help of Wordune Custom WordPress Development service, we make sure that your website lives up to your exceptions.

We have a panel of experts who are skillful enough to develop custom features in the back-end with 
PHP and front-end with JS or CSS by writing codes inside your theme or creating a brand-new custom plugin. Suppose Woocommerce functionality is not in favor of your needs, or you’re looking for an exclusive widget for something unique. In that case, we are here to help and leverage the functionality of your website. You may also want to look at WordPress Maintenance and Support service.

Custom WordPress Development

The nitty-gritty of Wordune's Custom WordPress Development service

Accelerating the growth of your website

WordPress Plugin Development

Extend the functionality of your website based on your new concerns or needs by developing a brand-new plugin with your desired feature or customizing an existing plugin by creating a new plugin that expands the existing one. Visit WordPress Plugin Development service for more details.

WordPress Theme Development

There’s no doubt that your ambition, as an owner of a website, is to create your own identity. Customize the built-in features of your current theme or create a custom theme with your desired attributes from scratch. Visit WordPress Theme Development and Codex for further information.

Elementor Widget Development

You sometimes need additional capabilities for your new requirements. For those who are using Elementor as a page builder in their websites, we can develop custom Elementor widgets using our Elementor Widget Development service. By adopting these widgets, you'll enjoy the benefits of customizing different parts of your website according to what you already need.

WordPress WooCommerce Development

Extend new and trendy features to your WooCommerce to boost your online market, which hinges on how much you’re able to keep up with your visitor’s latest needs. That’s why WordPress WooCommerce Development service deems as a top priority for those having or planning big e-commerce platforms.

Custom WordPress Development

A well-coded website isn't beyond reach if you use our Custom WordPress Development

Learning to code takes a long time and requires a special set of skills. If you are familiar with code, generating a small snippet can require time and effort to ensure that everything works as expected. While you could concentrate on other areas of your website, such as WordPress SEO Services or other WordPress Content Management branches, you are constantly dealing with codes. Instead, give Wordune a shot to discover how well it can meet your Custom WordPress Development needs.

Steps we take for high-quality Custom WordPress Development

Simple but always effective
Requirement sharing
  • We listen to you carefully.
  • You outline your needs.
  • You share credentials.
  • Requirement analysis
  • We review your project.
  • We ask few questions.
  • Acquire missing assets.
  • A quote + time of delivery.
  • Development
  • We get backups.
  • Your task starts.
  • We discuss issues and workarounds.
  • We share initial codes.
  • Delivery
  • Rigorous QA.
  • We implement the codes.
  • You start review...
  • Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3
    Step 4


    1. I wonder if there is any way to reduce some of the bloated-ness of my installations of Jupiter theme to improve performance. My Google Search Console keeps giving me poor scores for things I can’t control (unless I change themes). I have done everything to improve the server, reduce CSS and eliminate render-blocking without breaking the theme flow. BUT, maybe you know of ways to improve this without breaking the theme.
      I’m looking for solutions that would be OK with future versions as I continue to update them and use the child theme.
      Can you look at my site and make recommendations or changes for us?

      • Hi there. To achieve a better grade, you need to implement the following items:

        A caching plugin. The best caching plugin that we can recommend is WP Rocket which makes your website fully compatible with CDN optimization services. It’s a premium plugin.
        – Providing a CDN service. You can buy the RocketCDN, which can be added as a module to WProcket.
        – Providing an image optimization plugin such as Imagify (premium plugin). It’s compatible with WP Rocket, and it can be the appropriate choice.
        – Ask your host provider to check TTFB (Time to First Byte). The TTFB should be about ~1 second or less.

        We can help you with above steps through WordPress Speed optimization service.

        To analyze your website’s performance issues and determine the steps to be taken, we need to inspect the backend. Please open up a new ticket and provide us with WordPress credentials. Best.

    2. The article is eye-opening and challenging. Thanks for sharing your unique perspective on this topic.

      • Thank you 🙏🏻

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