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Figma to WordPress  conversion services

If you’re willing to have a creative and pixel-perfect website do not hesitate to choose Figma to WordPress in Wordune. We are one of the best to help you make your dream comes true. You can count on us to deliver your project on time and within the agreed budget.

Get pixel perfect, full responsive, SEO friendly & high quality Figma designs to WordPress website by wordune.

We can also convert your Adobe XD to WordPress or PSD to WordPress project

Turning your Figma design into a fully functional website

If you’re a business owner and your brand-new website designs have just been handed over to you and you’re looking for someone to convert those Figma designs to WordPress, our Figma to WordPress conversion service is just for you. 

We’re a team with highly experienced experts that work to convert design files, we try our best to preserve the visual excellence of structure designs while injecting the functionality of WordPress in the websites. No matter how simple or complex your design may be, we’ll help you turn it into a fully functional website, including robust features like animations and effects.

What we need from you?

figma to wordpress
Always beside you

Round-the-clock support

WordPress development is one thing, but making sure that your website is always safe and updated with the latest measures is quite another issue. Luckily, we can handle that for you as well! Our team members are highly qualified in all things related to WordPress. With their help, you’ll never have to worry about issues related to compatibility or downtime.

We will convert your Figma design into WordPress. Whether it’s a landing page or an e-commerce portal and, etc. our experienced developers use a best method to build a website that you can easily manage from a administration panel.

We are proud of

our Figma experts

When it comes to Figma-to-WordPress conversion, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more reliable team than us. Wordune is leading with a vision to establish long lasting business relationships with its clients. With well-streamlined processes and great human resource, we successfully generate results in fastest business turnaround times.

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Key features

What makes us different?

Mobile-first converted, fully responsive

Inclusive of easy editable website

Built on the principles of SEO

Ultra-fast loading

Perfectly matched to visuals

Non-Disclosure agreement

Tested performance in GTmetrix

90 days free support

Works for all!

Cross-browser compatibility

Your website will be fully functional across all major browsers, ensuring ease of use and accessibility, mobile friendly & cross browser compatibility.

79X or greater
79X or greater
79X or greater
79X or greater
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Our way

Our Approach

Our convertors in Wordune team, meticulously inspect and attend to every detail of your project. The following steps are always taken into account to make sure final product works as seemingly as possible and meet our customer expectations.

1. Inspect your design
At first hand, you'll need to provide us with necessary design files you have already created on Figma platform. You may grant us further access to your business identity schema, premium fonts, logos or any other missing assets in your Figma files.
2. Review together & get quoted
Once we have your design files, an assigned convertor will analyze them in details. Few questions may be asked. We'll discuss best solutions available for implementing your design together. Thanks to this critical step, we'll be able to minimize future errors and make sure your Figma to WordPress conversion goes as smoothly as possible. Your conversion may needs further care in case coding is inevitable. You'll get quoted.
3. Implementation
We go for take off! We try to make our Figma to WordPress service, close to pixel-perfect. So, sit back and relax. Even the most complex designs will be converted flawlessly into any WordPress theme with beautifully written codes that let your design shine, exactly the way you intended. The final crafted website is fully responsive and ready for next step.
4. Testing & optimization
We extensively test each page to make sure it is bug-free and fully functional. We’ll only deliver a project to you once we’ve assured that it meets our internal standards. Once the quality assurance specialist has made sure the template is glitch free, we are ready to provide you with a preview.
5. Final tune-ups. You are live!
At final stage, you'll provide us with feedback. We'll fix all your points carefully. After you’ve given us final green light, we are all set to proceed with the WordPress integration. Your new website is ready to be launched!
Our mission

Technologies at peak

Your concern is ours! That’s why we are committed to suggest and use latest market solutions and technologies which work for years without needing major maintenance sessions.   

Technologies we use include, but are not limited to, Elementor, WPBakey, Jet WooBuilder, WooCommerce, Jet Engine, ACF and many more. Hence your conversion quality is fully guaranteed in Wordune.

Monitor us!

How to keep track of your project progress?

While we lay out our plan on how we’ll turn your Figma to a WordPress website, we also offer two further platforms to ease your project monitoring: 

Ticketing system

We have built our own ticketing system, named Auradesk. This powerful platform allow our customers to follow up their projects easily and keep all conversations in one place, well documented and referable. In Auradesk, customers can send their requests, credentials and payments easily and in a secure way.


We use a staging environment, which gets updated frequently. You’ll be able to visit your website over there and learn how far your project has reached.


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