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'Divi to Elementor' conversion service

Divi is a premium and standalone WordPress Theme that allows users to build websites using the visual drag-and-drop Divi page builder. Divi has a steeper learning curve and is harder to master compared to Elementor.

Divi has some drawbacks, like poor speed when your website has a lot of pages, despite being one of the best page builders on the market. Searches for a ‘Divi to Elementor’ conversion service are common among Divi page owners looking for new opportunities and technology.

‘Divi to Elementor’ conversion is part of a broader service named WordPress Conversion Service and a sibling to the ‘Convert/Move to Divi theme‘ service.

Divi to Elementor

What advantages come with switching from 'Divi to Elementor'?

Choosing the right page builder is critical to your business. That means it’s vital that you select one with a proven track record and a trustworthy brand. Elementor is a market disruptor that’s skyrocketing in popularity. It’s one of the most famous web builders for solopreneurs and one-site businesses. Elementor is lightning-fast, offers unrivaled design, and is so easy a caveman could do it. And it lets you get started 100% for free.

It gives you everything that Divi does, and it’s just faster and easier to use. Most importantly, it’s backed by a team of experts and a well-known company that supports a staggering 10,000,000 – that’s million – websites running by Elementor.

In our ‘Divi to Elementor’ conversion service, we use different plugins include, but are not limited to, Elementor, ACF, WooCommerce, MailChimp, The Events Calendar, JetProducts, PayPal, etc.

Java Script
Jet tabs
Wp Rocket
Stay where you are, Divi if you need the best help. But Elementor also has a strong community of ElementorPro users and developers, an active Facebook group, and email support.
Elementor is the best choice for you.
Without any coding experience and for just $0, Elementor enables anyone to create a stunning landing page!
Yes, Elementor is compatible with Gutenberg and works seamlessly together.

To modify your Divi theme, please visit this page WordPress Theme Development.

Divi nitpickers gave thumbs up to our 'Divi to Elementor' migration service!

The ‘Divi to Elementor’ conversion is not as common or sought-after as other services, yet we’ve received a dozen requests for it.

Projects from 'Divi to Elementor' are already finished!
Web agencies, freelancers and end clients which chose us for outsourcing
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Average customer satisfaction achieved by Jun 28, 2024

Conversions from 'Divi to Elementor' require a high level of experience and precision

To live up to the high standards of Divi users, Wordune converters carefully examine and pay attention to every detail of a ‘Divi to Elementor’ project. For this migration to go as smoothly as possible, the following processes are always taken into account.

Inspecting your Divi website

We first need access to the back-end to comprehend the structure and plugins you've used on your Divi website. We also require access to additional files and assets related to your company's identity, such as premium fonts, logos, licensed images, etc.

'Divi to Elementor' cost and timing

Once we review files on your website, we assign a converter. A few questions we may ask you to clarify some sections' logic and functionality. We'll discuss together the best solutions available for converting your Divi website. This crucial step will help us reduce potential mistakes and ensure that your 'Divi to Elementor' conversion finalizes in success. Your conversion may need further care through the Custom WordPress Development service if coding is inevitable. You'll get quoted.

Converting 'Divi to Elementor'

We aim for an almost pixel-perfect conversion from 'Divi to Elementor'. Even the most complex aspects of your Divi website will be integrated into any Elementor-based WordPress theme without a hitch, giving your website the exact appearance you envisioned. The finished website will be responsive and quicker thanks to the WordPress Speed Optimization service. The next step awaits us.

Extensive QA testing for 'Divi to Elementor'

To ensure it is error-free and fully functioning, we carefully test each converted page in Elementor. We won't send you a 'Divi to Elementor' conversion project unless we are certain that it satisfies our criteria. We're ready to give you a glimpse as soon as our quality assurance expert gives the go-ahead.

Final tune-up. hej Elementor!

We're at the point where we need your input. We'll thoroughly address each of your concerns. We might go through multiple adjustments together to get to a perfect spot. As soon as you give us the go-ahead, we will launch your brand-new Elementor website!

We collect client feedback via our ticketing system or

Very pleased with the service and time scales of delivery. Highly recommended team. Look forward to working with you guys again.

UK client
January 04, 2024

Wordune consist of professional and knowledgeable team members that help you create your ideal website and incorporate any custom design you need with most friendly matter. I've had a great experience with any of the team members and would happily work on future project with them

March 17, 2022

Impressive output and very responsive agents as usual. We have been working with the Wordune team on several project for years and thats the team you can count on!

Can Hoskan
May 04, 2023


  1. I have paid on fiverr a man to make my website with DIVI.
    I have trouble with him and i can’t have a good result. What is your advise?

    • Hi John,
      We highly recommend you use a compatible theme with Elementor page builder instead of Divi for converting your layouts. Using Elementor has its own benefit. As you may know, it has a great user experience. Its options are more intuitive and accessible. And inline editing also helps you customize text quickly.
      You can learn more about our conversion services by checking out our WordPress Conversion Service article.
      To start a new project, you can create one here.

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