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Custom WordPress Development

The nitty-gritty of Custom WordPress Development services:

You might’ve come to realize that your website need more advanced or customized features because your theme or the current available built-in plugins are not good enough to fulfill your requirements, we have a practical suggestion for you:  “Wordune Custom WordPress Development”. We’re here to make sure that your website lives up to your exceptions. We have a panel of experts, skillful enough to develop custom features both in back-end with PHP, and front-end with JS or CSS, by writing codes inside your theme or maybe even by creating a brand-new custom plugin.

We can also help you get rid of the bugs that pop up in your website and result in lowering the functionality of your web.

Further Custom WordPress Development


  • Theme Customization

There’s no doubt that your ambition, as an owner of a website, is to create your own identity. We’re delighted to inform you that this ambition of yours is simply achievable. Wordune custom WordPress development is equipped with the custom theme development service to customize the built-in features of your current theme or create a custom theme with your desired features from scratch.

  • WordPress Plugin Development

It’s not an extraordinary thing for you, as a web owner, to end up realizing that the available plugins cannot satisfy your current requirements anymore. It’s just because that the existing plugins of your web sometimes fail to keep pace with your recent needs. But the good news is that the solution is already available for you. Custom plugin development is another service in Wordune custom WordPress development that will extend the functionality of your website based on your new concerns, by developing a brand-new plugin with your desired feature or customizing an existing plugin through creating a new plugin that expands  the existing one.

  • WordPress WooCommerce Development

The success or the failure of your online market, hinges on how much you’re able to keep up with your visitor’s latest needs. That’s why WooCommerce customization is deemed as a top priority for those having big dreams in their online businesses. By customizing your WooCommerce based on what you consider as an urgent step to attract customers, you will have a pretty good chance of getting them to click on “purchase” button.Wordune Custom WordPress development offers WooCommerce development service to help you achieve your goal by extending your wanted features and adding them to your WooCommerce.

  • Elementor widget development

Just because there is a huge number of widgets out there, does not necessarily mean that you’ve got everything at your disposal to go about optimizing the content of your website. You sometimes need additional capabilities for your new requirements. However, with Elementor widget development service in  Wordune custom WordPress development, there’s nothing to worry about. For those who are using Elementor as a page builder for their websites, we can develop custom Elementor widgets from scratch. With these kinds of widget, you will enjoy the benefits of customizing different parts of your website according to what you already need, without writing even a single line of code. Magic!

Here is how you put in your request for any of these services and what we have to go through to get your job done:

1- Submit your project to Auradesk

After a simple Sign-up in our ticketing system, using the “Submit your project” button on right sidebar, you need to submit your project details. Make sure you have chosen the correct service and you have provided all necessary information. 


2- Review by an agent

An agent will review your project requirements. He/she will ask you for further information like FTP access and WP credentials. You will get quoted at this stage.

3- Development

Your Custom WordPress Development request will start. 

4- Code test and general QA

Once development phase is done, we will run a rigorous QA, before asking you to review.

5- Final modifications

Surprise! We’re done with you Custom WordPress Development service. We’ll inform you about this and you’ll get a good chance of reviewing your codes.

Hourly fee: $30.00

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