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Software developers with expertise in PHP programming language are known as PHP developers. One popular scripting language for developing websites is PHP. It works particularly well for developing dynamic, interactive applications and web pages.

PHP developers use PHP to create the server-side logic for web pages and web apps. This logic creates dynamic content, works with databases, and handles user input. In addition, PHP developers are in charge of building web APIs, which facilitate communication between various online apps. PHP developers are proficient in using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.

This service is included within our comprehensive Web Developer package.

php developer

Why should you hire a PHP developer from Wordune?

Our PHP developers have a strong grasp of web development principles and practices, and they can help you with everyday tasks such as:

  • Developing and maintaining server-side web applications
  • Creating and maintaining web APIs
  • Developing and integrating plugins and frameworks
  • Working with databases and other data sources
  • Troubleshooting and debugging web applications
  • Optimizing web applications for better performance and scalability

As PHP developers, we use a variety of plugins, platforms, and technologies such as Jetpack, Laravel, Symfony, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB, and web servers such as Apache and Nginx. In addition, our PHP developers use caching to improve the performance of your web applications. Testing frameworks like PHPUnit or deployment tools like Capistrano are also used daily.


We are available for <30> hours per week, and our rate is <$60 per hour>.

Our developers have an average of ten [10] years of experience with PHP.

We are experienced in various PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Lumen, CakePHP, Yii, and Phalcon.

We have extensive experience working with various database technologies, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB. Additionally, we are well-versed in NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra. Our expertise in these databases has enabled us to build a wide range of web applications, such as e-commerce websites, social media platforms, and content management systems.

Using our in-house ticketing system, Auradesk, which Wordune developed, we communicate with other developers and stakeholders. We may also utilize Slack connections and video conferencing for quicker response times. Please note that we do not work with email or offer in-person communications.

If you are planning to make significant updates to your WooCommerce platform, you can visit our WordPress WooCommerce Development service.

Supercharge your digital growth with qualified PHP developers!

Our PHP solutions are tailored to be both cost-effective and efficient, designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. With a track record of delivering practical solutions, we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are delighted with the result.
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What is our process for developing PHP snippets or application solutions?

At Wordune, we are committed to providing you with PHP solutions that exceed the highest standards in the market. We aim to help you distinguish yourself in the highly competitive web and application markets by consistently delivering excellence. Our well-established process for developing and testing PHP solutions is as follows:

Using a component-based architecture

Our software development process follows a Component-based architecture method, which allows us to divide a software system into smaller, reusable components. Each component has a defined interface and can be developed, tested, and deployed independently. This approach simplifies complex software systems' development, testing, and maintenance.

Using a PHP framework

A PHP framework is a set of pre-existing PHP code that can be used to develop web applications. A PHP framework can save time and effort by providing a pre-built foundation for your application. Some popular PHP frameworks we use include Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter.

For those seeking custom WordPress plugins or Elementor widgets, explore our comprehensive WordPress Plugin Development and Elementor Widget Development services.

Using a database abstraction layer

A database abstraction layer (DAL) is a software layer that acts as an intermediary between your application code and your database. The DAL provides a consistent interface for database interaction. DAL makes your application more flexible and portable, as you can switch to a different database without modifying the application code. In simpler words, the DAL abstracts the complexities of the database and presents a simplified interface to the application layer.

Testing your code totally

Testing your code is an essential step in our approach to ensure the dependability and bug-free nature of your application. There are different types of testing that we can perform, including unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. Unit tests assess individual code units, whereas integration tests evaluate how different code units function together. System tests, on the other hand, examine the entire application as a whole.

Deploying the PHP solution securely. Moien PHP Léisung!

Once your code is developed and tested by us, it must be deployed to a production environment. This step involves uploading the code to a server and making it accessible to your users. It is essential to deploy the code securely to protect it from attacks. That's why we use a secure web server and configure your application to resist attacks.

We collect client feedback via our ticketing system or

Working with Wordune has been a great experience. Any request that I’ve made has always been completed in a timely fashion and at a very reasonable price. Their team works in unison to provide a seamless white glove experience. I highly recommend!

September 15, 2022

They built me a braw e-commerce shop in twa weeks, fully integrated with Stripe and PayPal, wi' professional filters and a unique design for the products pages and single products. I'd highly recommend them tae everyone!

October 09, 2023

I have been working with Wordune team for years and they deliver every-time with decent quality, definitely recommended. Platform communication sometimes makes it challenging, but overall work outcome is always in a good standard.

Can Hoskan
April 04, 2022

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