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'Drupal to WordPress' conversion service

PHP-based Drupal is a free and open-source system for managing web content. While Drupal is undoubtedly enjoyable, WordPress is far more user-friendly and offers a broader range of customization options. Although Drupal isn’t difficult to use, learning to use it takes longer than learning WordPress. Drupal is intended for skilled users, whereas WordPress offers novice and experienced users a wealth of user-friendly options.

One of the most complex WordPress Conversion Service types in Wordune, ‘Drupal to WordPress’ migration, is a dependable option to ensure that this migration goes as smoothly as possible with the fewest losses.

Drupal to WordPress

Does switching from 'Drupal to WordPress' make sense?

WordPress is simpler to use than Drupal, and most people will become proficient with it far faster. Drupal is probably a better choice if you’re a relatively experienced professional web developer comfortable working with the command line. Drupal is more complex and lacks all the user-friendly tools.

WordPress has a bigger community and is also more customizable. In addition to thousands of free and premium themes, WordPress also provides close to 57,000 plugins. In contrast, Drupal offers about 2500 themes to modify site appearance and 40,000+ modules to expand site functionality.

WordPress websites that are easy to navigate and well-organized are preferred by Google, which is why the majority of blog owners and web designers utilize it. You can use our WordPress Web Design service to obtain a fresh design while transferring your ‘Drupal to WordPress’.

Plugins, platforms and coding technologies we use in our ‘Drupal to WordPress’ conversion service include, but are not limited to, Elementor, WPBakery, WordPress, WooCommerce, Php, JavaScript, PayPal, jQuery, Stripe, Sass, etc.

Java Script

Since SEO is platform-neutral, let’s dispel the myth that WordPress sites are more popular than Drupal sites in search results. 

Page load times. The built-in caching tools in Drupal are compelling. For WordPress, you should use Cache plugins.
Page structure. Sites running Drupal may experience “divitis,” or the effects of views that result in a complex, nested view structure. Google’s Core Web Vitals suggest a cleaner DOM (HTML page structure).
Schema. Schemas can be hard-coded into template files or added to Drupal’s views. For WordPress, the same procedure applies.
CDN. It can be integrated with either content to serve assets to the closest local distribution point.
Pretty URL. In terms of URL rewriting, Drupal outperforms WordPress. You have complete flexibility over your alias patterns, including categories. Categories in WordPress have limitations.

While neither platform is immune to security issues, Drupal is generally better-protected and more secure, but WordPress can do fine with the proper measures. Drupal can handle complex security situations better, such as PCI compliance, which requires database encryption.
Over 30 percent of websites on the internet and approximately 60 percent of CMS-based websites were built using WordPress. On the other hand, Drupal only makes up 2% of websites overall and is utilized on less than 4% of CMS-based websites.

'Drupal to WordPress' service attainments

We take pleasure in being a dependable outsourced team for ‘Drupal to WordPress’ migration requests. These are the things we have already accomplished.

'Drupal to WordPress' conversion projects is now complete!
Drupal-based web agencies have picked us to handle their migrations
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by July 7, 2022, an average of customer satisfaction

Switching from 'Drupal to WordPress' by competent developer-led

To satisfy the exacting demands of Drupal users, Wordune’s developers and converters must pay close attention to every aspect of a migration request from ‘Drupal to WordPress’. Without following a specific plan, you cannot complete the assignment.

Examining your Drupal website

We need to look into your Drupal website after exchanging credentials. Additionally, you must grant us access to any asset and business identity related to your business.

'Drupal to WordPress' cost and timing

We review all the available information and discuss the best options for moving your Drupal site. A smooth 'Drupal to WordPress' migration will require extra code care through Wordune's Custom WordPress Development service because Drupal-based websites are typically densely coded. You'll get quoted.

Migrating 'Drupal to WordPress' starts!

We try to make our 'Drupal to WordPress' conversion results close to pixel-perfect. The final crafted website is fully responsive and checked for speed through the WordPress Speed Optimization service. Now, let's move to the next step.

QA for your new website

We meticulously check migration results in WordPress to ensure it is glitch-free; once everything looks perfect, including responsive on different devices, we are ready to provide you with a preview.

Final tune-ups. مرحبا WordPress!

Finally, we need your feedback. We'll fix all your points to get your final thumbs-up and move to the delivery phase. Your new website is ready to be launched!

They all trusted us!

Impressive output and very responsive agents as usual. We have been working with the Wordune team on several project for years and thats the team you can count on!

Can Hoskan
May 04, 2023

Great and professional service when converting our website design to WordPress! Quick to respond, good communication and high quality work.. Recommended.

Kasper Karup
October 06, 2022

Working with Wordune has been a great experience. Any request that I’ve made has always been completed in a timely fashion and at a very reasonable price. Their team works in unison to provide a seamless white glove experience. I highly recommend!

September 15, 2022


  1. Hi there,
    If I migrate from Drupal to WordPress, what will happen to my custom coding and modules from my current website? Can I keep them when I migrate to WordPress?
    Many Thanks,

  2. Hi Liam,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    As you may know WordPress’ third-party theme and plugin communities make it similarly easy to extend WordPress without the need for custom development. So we can use plugins to manage most of the website, like modules, which Drupal calls modules.
    In case a plugin can’t cover a particular feature, we have to implement it from scratch via custom coding. For more information, please refer to Custom WordPress Development service.

    You can also create a new project from here so we can view your website in detail.

    Best Regards

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