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'Squarespace to WP' conversion service

Squarespace is a page-builder for website building and hosting and allows users to use pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements to create and modify webpages. It has a big difference from WordPress. A CMS like WordPress generally has more in-depth functions than a website builder, meaning you can scale and customize your WordPress site on a more technological level. For those planning to move their websites to WordPress, the ‘Squarespace to WordPress’ conversion service of Wordune is a good choice. This service is part of a broader WordPress Conversion Service.

Even if you’re unsatisfied with your Squarespace-based website’s design, you can redesign its appearance using WordPress Web Design first.
Squarespace to WordPress

Why you should switch from Squarespace to Elementor?

Squarespace often works well for small businesses; big corporates can not benefit. Although Squarespace does come with many useful features out of the box, it is a relatively locked-down system. By migrating your Squarespace platform to Elementor, you get rid of:

  • Less powerful SEO tools than WordPress plugins
  • Few payment and shipping options
  • No ability to access your blog’s HTML code
  • The main Squarespace App is only available for iOS
  • Less regular updates compared to WordPress
  • Limited app store
  • Limited export options
  • Limited functionality of Event Pages

Plugins and platforms we use in our ‘Squarespace to WordPress’ conversion service include, but are not limited to, Elementor, WPBakery, WooCommerce, Gulp, Stripe, WordPress, Git, PHP, MySQL, etc.


We can export from Squarespace and import to WordPress with an automated tool for your blog content and basic pages. We can not export the following:

  • Index, product, event, or album pages
  • Style changes
  • Some blocks, like audio and product blocks

Additionally, you won’t be able to export your actual Squarespace template.

When you switch from Squarespace to WordPress, you must pay the service fee of converting your website and web hosting to move your content to WordPress. Besides, depending on your requirements, you might also have to pay for premium plugins, such as SEO or e-commerce.

We can schedule a meeting to answer your initial questions. However, to learn how to use WordPress and run your website, we redirect you to the thousands of tutorials and articles available on the internet. You can also benefit from the WordPress Maintenance and Support service of Wordune.

Consider hiring a Figma designer or using the WordPress Web Design service before migrating your Squarespace website to WordPress. A skilled Figma expert can refine your existing designs, create stunning mockups for WordPress, and ensure a seamless transition between platforms, unlocking stunning results that exceed your initial vision.

Few projects, but satisfied clients: The story of 'Squarespace to WP' migration service

Since we started offering ‘Squarespace to WordPress,’ ‘Squarespace to Elementor’, and ‘Squarespace to WooCommerce’ conversion services, only a few projects have made their way to Wordune. However, the ones that did come through have brought new and exciting collaborations with clients. These projects have allowed us to showcase our expertise and provide high-quality service to our clients.
Completed 'Squarespace to WordPress' projects by now!
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Average customer satisfaction achieved by Sep 12, 2023

'Squarespace to Elementor' migration is the way forward to boost your business!

In the Squarespace to WordPress conversion team at Wordune, we welcome newcomers and facilitate their onboarding by taking steps to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Reviewing your Squarespace platform

First, we will review your Squarespace website, and may require access to your business identity, such as premium fonts, logos, images, and color palettes.

'Squarespace to Elementor' and 'Squarespace to WooCommerce' cost and timing

To ensure a smooth 'Squarespace to WordPress' migration/conversion, we will communicate with you through your project thread or hold a few meetings to discuss different aspects of your current website. To achieve the required functionality in WordPress, we may use free plugins or ask you to purchase a premium version of them. If coding becomes necessary, we will provide additional attention through our Custom WordPress Development service and quote you accordingly. This critical step will help minimize any differences and ensure a successful conversion.

Migrating 'Squarespace to WordPress'!

We strive to achieve a pixel-perfect conversion when converting Squarespace websites to WordPress/Elementor. However, it's important to note that this process may have some limitations. The website that we create is fully responsive and has undergone thorough speed optimization checks through the WordPress Speed Optimization service. We are all set and ready for the next phase.

QA testing

We conduct comprehensive testing on each page to ensure that it is error-free and functions as expected, just like it did on the Squarespace platform. Every WordPress website we convert must meet our internal standards before proceeding to the next stage. Now, we are prepared to present you with a preview.

Final tune-ups. Buna ziua WordPress!

Finally, we need your feedback about the new website to make the necessary modifications. Once we receive the final approval, we will redirect the traffic to your WordPress address.

We collect client feedback via our ticketing system or

I was very satisfied with the service quality at Wordune. The team was professional, helpful, and responsive. They were able to deliver my project on time and to budget. However, I think the price of the invoice could have been lower with more discounts. Overall, I would recommend Wordune to other businesses looking for high-quality web development services. However, I would also encourage them to negotiate the price upfront to get the best possible deal.

Brianna 4m agency
November 10, 2023

This team has an excellent communication platform. They comprehend the full scope of a project and the minute details and offer their professional idea on areas where things might complicate. Overall I was satisfied with the final result. Keep it up.

Christine McKeon
March 17, 2022

I recommend Wordune to anyone looking for a reliable, affordable web development company. If you’re considering outsourcing your web project, contact Wordune today. I recently had the pleasure of working with them to convert my website to Jupiter X. I was very impressed with the level of service I received. The team was professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. They were able to complete the project on time and within budget. Thank you, Wordune!

Emma Agmon
June 22, 2023


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