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WordPress WooCommerce Development

Deliver a unique and engaging experience to your customer with high-performing e-commerce stores built on the powerful WordPress plugin- WooCommerce. Using our WooCommerce development team, you will get a functional e-commerce store with a rich interface, diverse single-product and check-out options, interactive fields, and a user-friendly look and feel.

Wordune’s cost-effective WooCommerce solutions will guarantee to reach more customers across diverse niches, geographies, and devices. This will help you expand your customer base and grow your business effectively.

This service is part of Custom WordPress Development.

WordPress WooCommerce Development

All-inclusive WooCommerce development partner!

WooCommerce is a versatile, open-source, WordPress-enabled e-commerce solution. If you are exploring a business, expanding an existing online shop, or developing customer pages, you can get started hotfoot and create the store you want. Through the WordPress WooCommerce Development service of Wordune, you can distribute physical and digital products across all shapes and sizes, offer product variations, dynamic configurations, instant downloads to customers, and even distribute affiliate products from online marketplaces.

We can’t deny that customers appreciate the convenience of online shopping nowadays, and digital sales have become essential to amplify your business. Developing an e-commerce store can be a rocky task, and a dedicated team of WooCommerce experts is necessary to set it up correctly and effectively.

Technologies and platforms we may use while developing a WooCommerce website include, but are not limited to, WooCommerce, WooCommerce API, Sass, jQuery, PHP, Git, Stripe, etc.
Java Script

Price Range Slider: We can implement sliders with single or double handles to help users select a desired price range visually, simplifying navigation and pinpointing specific product options within their budget.

Price Presets: Predefined price ranges (e.g., Under $50, $50-$100, $100+) can be implemented for quick selection, catering to users who have budgeted categories in mind.

Dynamic Price Intervals: Instead of fixed price ranges, intervals can adjust automatically based on available product prices.

Integration with Other Filters: The price filter can seamlessly integrate with brand, category, or color filters, allowing users to refine their search based on multiple criteria.

Price Per Unit: For products sold by weight, volume, or other units, the price filter can display the price per unit to ensure transparency and ease of comparison.

Visual Price Indicators: We can implement price indicators like bar graphs or color gradients alongside the product listings to visually guide users.

Customizing your website would be very easy. Almost all of our websites are compatible with Elementor page builder, including WooCommerce sites, so you don’t need to code your website to customize anything. Custom coding is inevitable only for complicated features.

We provide WordPress Web Design services for every e-commerce and non-e-commerce website.

If your website is slow, you can request WordPress Speed Optimization service. We’ll check your website and fix any possible issues to improve the loading speed.

A successful WooCommerce development service leads to happy shoppers!

Numerous web agencies and end-users place their trust in Wordune to boost the WooCommerce functionality of their e-commerce platforms. Discover what we’ve accomplished so far!
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How we elevate your WooCommerce development experience

At Wordune, our team of WooCommerce experts is dedicated to crafting exceptional e-commerce experiences for our clients. Utilizing the latest shopping trends and techniques, we collaborate closely with you to design and develop a WordPress WooCommerce website that perfectly aligns with your unique vision and business goals.

Describe your requirement

If you have an e-commerce platform, we can make improvements to it as needed. If you don't have one yet, sharing similar e-commerce examples or outlining your requirements can help us understand your needs.

WooCommerce Development cost and timing

Once we review your requirements, we will present you with the best approaches for implementing the requested features or building your e-commerce platform. After you approve our solution, we will provide a quote and ETA.

If you are planning to make significant updates to your WooCommerce platform, you can hire a PHP developer or hire a WordPress developer from Wordune.

WordPress WooCommerce Development service starts!

As we embark on the development of your project, we will work closely with you to define and refine your requirements. Throughout the coding and implementation process, we will review every aspect of your e-commerce pages' user experience and interface design to guarantee seamless navigation and a flawless end-to-end customer journey. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your customers enjoy a delightful shopping experience that keeps them returning for more.

QA checks

We extensively test crafted WooCommerce pages such as Checkout, Cart, and Payment to ensure they're bug-free, fully functional, and responsive. We'll deliver an e-commerce project only if we are confident that it meets our internal standards.

Consider using our WordPress Maintenance and Support service to handle time-consuming tasks on your e-commerce platform. This will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Final tune-ups. こんにちは WooCommerce!

At Wordune, your satisfaction is the fuel that propels your e-commerce success. That's why, during the final stage of your project, we actively solicit your invaluable feedback. We meticulously address your concerns or suggestions, ensuring your platform launches with a resounding blastoff.

We collect client feedback via our ticketing system or

As an agency owner, having a reliable team to outsource overflow too is important. Wordune has proven to be a great resource for over 20 successful projects. Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Chris McKinzie
March 17, 2022

I askwe Wordune to make a project for me (it was a conversion from a Wp-Bakery site to an Elementor one). I was afraid that the work could not be satisfying, with lots of bugs and so on. I have to say they made a great job, and they were always available to fix the small issues that are normal in such a job. Assistance is quick, price is good and they give you the sensation to be always ready to work good and assist you for every kind of trouble. I am sure that I will work again with Wordune. It was a nice surprise.

May 12, 2022

Very pleased with the service and time scales of delivery. Highly recommended team. Look forward to working with you guys again.

UK client
January 04, 2024


  1. My business runs on Shopify & I’m considering migration from Shopify to WooCommerce. Can you help me? thanks

    • Hi Kristoffer, sure thing. Please review this page Shopify to WordPress first and then for further help submit your project to our ticketing system. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I only sell digital download products in my e-commerce store on my site and do not need the address forms (for shipping). I want to remove them to make the checkout process easier for my customers. Is there an easy way to do this? Is this something I can do, or does it require a unique code?

  3. Hi Marco,
    We can do that with a Child theme and a Filter inside its functions.php to make it work faster. This will cause no further overhead on your website compared to the other methods available. However, we can develop a custom plugin if you prefer to have a custom plugin for your request. You can check out our WordPress Plugin Development article for more information.
    Please submit a new project from here to check your request in detail.

  4. The website uses Woocommerce as an e-commerce solution. It’s an active site, and there are actual daily sales with online payment and FedEx & DHL shipment.
    What we need is to change the design of the Woocommerce products list. Currently, they use standard Woocommerce design. All products have variables. For example, 250 gr is 10 USD, 500 gr is 20 USD, etc. That is why there is no add to cart button on the shopping page; it’s a select option. After this, you go to the products page, and there, you can choose kg and add to the cart. I need your help to simplify this shopping page… Can you help me with that?

    • Hi William,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      According to your explanation, since the products have variable options, the default method for presenting them is that you mentioned. We can change the structure of the shop and make it more streamlined by creating a customized shop page and a dynamic item listing. For more information you can also check the details of our WordPress Theme Development service.

      To review your request in details, please submit a project from here.

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