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Joomla to WordPress  conversion service

Although Joomla is a good content management system, it is not as powerful, flexible, and user-friendly as WordPress. On the other hand, WordPress beats out Joomla regarding SEO, customization possibilities, and beginner friendliness. So moving your website from Joomla to WordPress can be deemed as a must.

Wordune Joomla to WordPress expert team is available for you to take on the task of converting your Joomla site to a pixel-perfect, fully functional, and dynamic theme-based WordPress website in a fairly short amount of time.

This service is part of a broader WordPress Conversion Service, which offers conversion from many platforms and design files into WordPress.

Joomla to WordPress

Benefits of Joomla to WordPress conversion

It’s high time you migrated from Joomla to WordPress! Unquestionably, WordPress is one of the most powerful yet exciting CMS platform. And the good news is that you already are in the right place to go through a complete migration from Joomla to WordPress smoothly and swiftly!

WordPress advantages in many ways such as ease of use, better suited for blogging, the larger ecosystem of WordPress plugins and WordPress themes, colossal support community, and lower development costs.

The technologies we use in our Joomla to WordPress conversion service include, but are not limited to, Elementor, WPBakey, JetWooBuilder, JetBlog, JetSearch, WooCommerce, JetEngine, ACF, and many more.


From different aspects, WordPress is better than Joomla. For further details, you can check this article.

WordPress wins points for having the core software considered secure, while the issues most often lie in 3rd party applications.

  • 60,000+ free plugins at the official plugin directory, plus thousands of premium plugins.
  • 6,000+ free themes at the official plugin directory, plus thousands of premium themes.

No worries at all, all of the projects in Wordune are Money-back guaranteed. You can send your refund request here.

Joomla to WordPress accomplishments

Joomla is a competitor of WordPress in the realm of CMS, and it has a large variety of clients running simple websites to complicated ones like Ikea. When it comes to Joomla to WordPress conversion service, keeping your clients pleased is a big challenge.

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Joomla to WordPress Journey

Wordune team needs to take big adventures to keep its Joomla to WordPress clients happy. Therefore, the following steps are always taken into account to make sure the final product works as smoothly as possible and meets our clients’ expectations.

1. Inspecting your Joomla website

First, you must provide us with the necessary files you have already used on Joomla platform. We also need you to grant us further access to your business identity, such as premium fonts, logos, photos, etc. and access your Joomla back-end.

2. Review together and get quoted

Once we have checked your website's back-end, a converter will review the files in detail. Further questions they may ask inside the thread. They'll discuss together the best solutions available for implementing different parts of your website. That's why this phase is very critical to minimize future errors and make sure your Joomla to WordPress conversion goes as smoothly as possible. Your conversion may need further care through Custom WordPress Development service in case coding is inevitable. You'll get quoted.

3. Joomla to WordPress migration starts!

Our Joomla to WordPress conversions is close to pixel-perfect. We will create any complicated design or functionality in your Joomla website flawlessly into any WordPress theme to let your design shines the way you intended. The final crafted website is fully responsive and has been checked for speed through WordPress Speed Optimization service. We are ready for the next step.

4. QA testing and responsive

We test our final product extensively to ensure it is glitch-free and fully functional. We take responsive web design matter very seriously. Once we made sure the website is ready, we provide you with a preview.

5. Final tune-ups. Привет WordPress!

At the final stage, we get your feedback. As soon as you give us the last green light, we go for take-off. Your new website is ready to be launched!


  1. I have run an SEO checker on my website and have run into several issues.

    It says h1 tags are missing. I’ve read that Joomla uses h1 or h2 tags for menu items. But my site isn’t. The issue is I don’t use a text heading on my page; I use a graphical one. And I use h4 for subheadings because h2 is too large. But I read that Google uses h2 tags for keyword ranking. Also, it says the NoScript tag contains HTML elements. I don’t know where to go to fix that. The canonical tag is missing. Why would my site need this tag? My links use the preferred URLs, and I have URL rewriting turned on. Where would I put this missing tag? Is this something that you can help me out? If yes, please let me know to open a project here.

    • You might want to consider them because you don’t have any headings on some pages. We have also used this plugin in the past We don’t believe there is a way to have them without showing them on the page.

      “Canonical tag is missing.” Joomla generates multiple instances of some content. We’re not aware of any way to fix this within the core installation. Several extensions can manage this. Please read the content on this page WordPress SEO services and then create a new ticket and share your link and credentials for a detailed analysis.

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They all trusted us!

I askwe Wordune to make a project for me (it was a conversion from a Wp-Bakery site to an Elementor one). I was afraid that the work could not be satisfying, with lots of bugs and so on. I have to say they made a great job, and they were always available to fix the small issues that are normal in such a job. Assistance is quick, price is good and they give you the sensation to be always ready to work good and assist you for every kind of trouble. I am sure that I will work again with Wordune. It was a nice surprise.

May 12, 2022

I have been working with Wordune team for years and they deliver every-time with decent quality, definitely recommended. Platform communication sometimes makes it challenging, but overall work outcome is always in a good standard.

Can Hoskan
April 04, 2022

Wordune consist of professional and knowledgeable team members that help you create your ideal website and incorporate any custom design you need with most friendly matter. I've had a great experience with any of the team members and would happily work on future project with them

March 17, 2022

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