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Wordune is hiring!

Figma to WordPress, Figma designer

Figma designer

Important notes

We are excited to review CVs from our European and South American friends! For applicants from other parts of the world, please stay tuned for updates on our expanding services.

The process of reviewing CVs will take approximately two weeks. If you are selected, we will contact you only through the thread you used to submit your CV.

Our collaboration is remote, so you don’t have to be physically present or work specific hours.

Payments are made at the end of each month once the client confirms. You can choose to receive payments through PayPal or your bank account.

If you have further questions, please use the thread you used to submit your CV.

Days left for applying this position:

About this position

We are currently experiencing a significant increase in demand for our ‘Figma to WordPress’ conversion service, and as such, we are seeking highly skilled Figma designers for challenging web projects. If you possess the necessary expertise and want to collaborate with us, please review our service page by clicking the button below.

Our service page explains the ‘Figma to WordPress’ conversion process to the clients. We expect applicants to have a solid understanding of WordPress themes and the ability to design based on specific WordPress Theme features.

Once you thoroughly review the service page, we invite you to upload your CV in either text or PDF format. You need to send your CV along with clients who submit their projects. To ensure your CV is easily identified and distinguished from other projects, please use the following naming convention:


For example, if my name is Ana Lynn, my ticket title should be CV-Figma-ANA-LYNN. Inside the ticket, you can Attach your CV or use the text editor to send your CV.

Thank you for being interested in our recruiting program, and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you.

Ana Lynn, HR Head.