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A React developer is a software engineer who specializes in building user interfaces (UIs) using the React JavaScript library. React has gained popularity for its ability to create UIs that are declarative, efficient, and flexible.

React developers possess a strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They are also well-versed in the React ecosystem, which includes various tools and libraries for developing and testing React applications.

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Why should you hire a React developers from Wordune?

The role of a React developer is crucial in developing modern web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as websites. They are responsible for creating the interfaces that users interact with on a daily basis. Our team of highly skilled React developers has identified three key specifications that are crucial for the success of our projects:

  • Ability to write clean and efficient code
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Experience with specific React technologies or frameworks

As React developers, we use a variety of plugins and platforms such as ESLint, Prettier, Babel, and Webpack. We also use platforms like CodeSandbox, StackBlitz, Create React App, Next.js, and Vercel to develop our applications. Apart from these, our React developers also utilize various other tools and libraries, including Testing libraries, State management libraries, and UI component libraries, to enhance the functionality of our applications.

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We are available for [30] hours per week, and our rate is [$60 per hour].

Our developers have seven [7] years of experience with React.

Our go-to React libraries and frameworks include Redux, Next.js, and React Testing Library. We appreciate Redux for its ability to offer a reliable way to manage state in React applications. Next.js is our favorite because it offers various features enabling us to quickly create server-rendered and statically generated React applications. Additionally, we value the React Testing Library for its straightforward and user-friendly approach to testing React applications.

We have experience with companies or organizations in the healthcare, real estate, and e-commerce industries.

Using our in-house ticketing system, Auradesk, which Wordune developed, we communicate with other developers and stakeholders. We may also utilize Slack connections and video conferencing for quicker response times. Please note that we do not work with email or offer in-person communications.

Stay ahead of your digital competitors by hiring a skilled React developer!

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What is our process for developing and testing React applications?

At Wordune, we are dedicated to delivering React solutions that surpass the highest market standards. We aim to help you stand out in the fiercely competitive web and application markets by consistently delivering excellence. Our proven process for developing and testing React applications is as follows:

Gathering requirements

We begin by meeting with the client to understand their application needs and requirements. This step includes discussing the application's features, target audience, budget, and timeline.

Application architecture and planning for development

After understanding the client's requirements comprehensively, we move on to designing the application architecture. This step involves determining the overall structure of the application, selecting the components that will be employed, and establishing the data flow. We also set a development plan, including outlining the tasks that need to be accomplished and estimating the time required for each task.

Building the application

Once the application architecture and plan are in place, we begin developing the application. We utilize React to construct the user interface and employ relevant technologies such as Redux and Next.js to handle state and routing.

Testing the application

We use various testing methods to ensure the smooth functioning of the application. These methods include unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. Unit tests verify the performance of each component in isolation. Integration tests assess how different components interact with each other. End-to-end tests evaluate the entire application from start to finish.

Deploy the application to production. Hej ansökan!

After development and testing, the application is deployed to production by uploading the code to a server and making it accessible to users.

We collect client feedback via our ticketing system or

Impressive output and very responsive agents as usual. We have been working with the Wordune team on several project for years and thats the team you can count on!

Can Hoskan
May 04, 2023

I wanted to migrate my site to a new one and decided to work with Wordune. This decision was justified, I was glad to meet Wordune team! Their knowledge and skills are high, my queries were solved in a very short period of time. That's a real satisfaction! Definitely recommend them to others and will contact them again for future tasks. Great work Wordune guys!

August 13, 2023

Wordune consist of professional and knowledgeable team members that help you create your ideal website and incorporate any custom design you need with most friendly matter. I've had a great experience with any of the team members and would happily work on future project with them

March 17, 2022

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