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WordPress Content Management

The WordPress Content Management service offered by Wordune is a crucial package for website owners looking to achieve significant success. It’s essential to keep up with writing trends and continuously update your content by rephrasing or adding new information, particularly when migrating to a new platform like WordPress in projects like WPBakery to Elementor (Pro). Our team at Wordune is well-equipped to handle all your content-related tasks quickly and effectively.
In addition to our WordPress Content Management service, we offer clients assistance with WordPress Speed Optimization service.
WordPress Content Management
The term is a broad term that can include a variety of tasks, such as:
  • Creating and editing content: One of the tasks involved in this job is producing various types of content, such as blog posts and articles.

  • Organizing content Involves forming categories and tags for the content while ensuring it is easily discoverable.

  • Storing content: This includes backing up content and storing it in a secure location.

  • Delivering content: Includes publishing content on a website or blog and making it available to users.

All-in-one WordPress Content Management service. One-stop shop for all content needs!

Content injection

After providing our WordPress WooCommerce Development services, we can assist in optimizing your website's content for search engines using HTML tags, meta fields, excerpts, tags, categories, custom taxonomies, and gallery images. These can be applied to your WordPress website's Products, Blogs, Portfolios, or custom post types. Learn more about SEO benefits here at WordPress SEO Services.

Mobile and Tablet Responsive

Once we have completed the WordPress Conversion Service for your website, we carefully inspect and optimize all pages to ensure they appear keen and visually appealing on various devices and browsers. Furthermore, we accept Responsive projects for websites not initially developed by us. Rest assured; we go above and beyond to ensure your website looks great on any screen size.

Image optimization

Optimizing images for speed is crucial since they occupy approximately 60% of modern websites' bandwidth. Our content management specialist addresses the issue using SEO-based file names and replacing images with the optimal size. This sub-service does not include tasks like Resizing images, changing Ratios, etc. If the client needs these tasks done, they can request them through the WordPress Web Design service.

Multilingual website for your WordPress content

This sub-service can be highly beneficial if your website caters to a global audience and requires support for multiple languages. While we won't provide translated copies of your content, we can expertly install plugins such as WPML, which can seamlessly add new languages to your website. Having multiple languages provides better accessibility to a broader audience, thereby enhancing its reach and impact.

WordPress Content Management

Updating content is risky and tedious without a reliable Content Management specialist!

The importance of hiring a reputable content creation company

We get the burden off your shoulders by doing the tedious tasks on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: Planing the growth strategies for your business.

  1. Who will be part of the team working on your project? Are they experienced content management specialists qualified to write and edit? Do they possess a profound understanding of your industry.
  2. How do they approach content creation? Do they have a clear process for planning, researching, writing, editing, and publishing content?
  3. It’s vital to prioritize effective communication when selecting a company. Choosing a company that uses an exclusive ticketing system rather than email is recommended to ensure prompt communication.
  4. How much will they charge for their services? Is their pricing fair and transparent?
  5. Do they speak English as their first language? Content created by non-native speakers could pose a challenge for readers to comprehend fully.
  6. Consider their time zone to ensure efficient communication and productivity.

What is the cost of a WordPress Content Management project?

The cost of a content management project can vary significantly based on several factors, including the project’s complexity, the writer’s level of experience, and the hourly rates of the service.

Steps we take for high-quality WordPress Content Management

  • We listen to you carefully.
  • You outline your goals.
  • You share credentials.
  • We review your project.
  • We ask few questions.
  • Acquire missing assets.
  • A quote + time of delivery.
  • We get backups. Content injection starts.
  • We discuss issues and workarounds.
  • Solutions implement.
  • Rigorous QA.
  • Final responsive check.
  • You start review...
  • Requirement sharing
    Requirement analysis


    1. Hello. For one of my websites i need to setup WPML (i already have the license and will do the translations myself) but i can’t manage to do the setup myself. I already tried to set it up but there are too many weird things happening with the layout of my site (header, blogs,…) which i do not understand, so i deactivated all the WPML plugins on this particular site.
      Can you help me with this?

      • Hi Jabulani,

        Thanks for reaching out to us. WPML is compatible with a wide range of themes. Nevertheless, we need to look at the issue from the back end to determine what the problem is. Please submit a new project from here.

        Here is a quick guide that might be helpful to set the theme options for each language:

        1. Keep WPML deactivated

        2. Go to Theme Options >Export Options

        3. Copy the code to a text file for future reference.

        4. Activate WPML

        5. Select a specific language

        6. Go to Theme Options > Import Options

        7. Paste the code from your text file which you have from step 3

        8. Save the settings.

        Check out our WordPress Maintenance and Support Service for more information on Wordune’s emergency support.

    2. This blog is a breath of fresh air. I value your original take.

      • Thank you 🙏🏻

    3. Hello. i have a blog (above 100 posts) and i want to move it to elementor, can you help me?what is cost

      • Hi Hassan, Thank you for getting in touch with us. You can count on us for help with your project.
        Due to the type of blog post that you already have on your website, we can create global templates in Elementor or recreate each blog post from scratch with Elementor. Please refer to WordPress Conversion Service to learn more about our conversion service. Also, please submit a new ticket from here so we can check your project in detail.

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