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WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design service of Wordune is an excellent web design approach to gain a shockingly well-looking website. We believe that a perfect design generates more visitors and achieves a higher conversion rate leading to more sales and interactions. Therefore, a beautiful design must be a crucial part of your online marketing strategy.

Using our WordPress Web Design service of Wordune, you’ll be able to either design your website from scratch employing an eligible designer or tweak your favorite template/website to bring it close to your entity. Wordune’s WordPress Website design service is perfect help to beautifies your website with today’s most trendy styles and technics of web design. If you have designed your website already, you may want to look at WordPress Speed Optimization or WordPress Content Management services.

WordPress Web Design

Strengthen your presence amid competitors by Wordune's WordPress Web Design service

Enjoy the glory of a stylish website

Redesign outdated websites

Redesigning an outdated or non-functional website to a modern and user-friendly one is among the hottest features in our WordPress Web Design service. Besides appearance, the old websites always lack the newest market needs and web technologies. We recommend upgrading the appearance of such websites in advance rather than upgrading them directly through WordPress Conversion Service.

E-store boosting by WordPress Web Design

Give your e-store a modern, functional, clutter-free makeover that provides an exquisite user experience. E-commerce boosting feature of WordPress Web Design service in Wordune is popular nowadays. After utilizing this feature, you can use our WordPress WooCommerce Development service to implement it.

Template redesign

Choose your favorite template or website design from any author, and we redesign it to something unique which still meets your needs the most. We can introduce many repositories of WordPress templates and website designs if you don't know where to start. Once you get your new design and convert it to WordPress by Wordune, make sure to use WordPress SEO Services as well.

Functional design

Visitors know what they’re looking for. So in our Functional design approach, we focus on making the most accessible and most user-friendly design possible. We will deliver the final design(s) in PSD or XD. Having the PSDs ready, you can use one of our many WordPress conversion services, such as Xd to WordPress or PSD to WordPress, to build your website.

WordPress Web Design

You deserve an engaging website designed by professional designers of a WordPress Web Design team

Why hiring a professional team of web designers is crucial? There are many web design tools or web agencies that you can get help from to design/redesign your website. Besides the high fee rates you have to pay hourly, in the end, you may notice the UX of the final design hasn’t calibrated, or the UI doesn’t fit well with your business aspects. You’re getting far away from the entity and the thing you want to be.

Steps we take for high-quality WordPress Web Design service

Simple but always effective
Discovery workshops
  • Wireframe reviews.
  • Your share your brand identity, including web fonts, logo and color pallets, etc. + assets.
  • Reviews and quoting
  • We review your requirements.
  • We ask few questions.
  • Acquire missing assets.
  • A quote + time of delivery.
  • Design phase
  • An exclusive designer works for you.
  • Initial landing page gets reviewed by client + tweaks.
  • Sub-pages delivery.
  • Full review by client starts.
  • Design file delivery
  • Layers clean-up.
  • Final file review by designer.
  • Deliver the file to the client.
  • Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3
    Step 4


    1. Long story short, I do SEO for my client. They ranked very well for lots of keywords. The problem is I am not that good at web design. So he hired another company to make him a website, and when the site went live, the rankings TANKED. Since we were getting no traffic/leads, we had to revert back to the site I made him. The problem is that it doesn’t look as good as it needs to and I am not good enough at the custom design to re-create the site’s design that tanked. Thanks for your feedback.

      • Hi Bryanet,
        Wordune’s experts can assist you with a variety of custom design services. The most common techniques in Wordune’s WordPress Web Design services are redesigning outdated designs, functionalizing designs, and updating templates. More information can be found in the articles PSD to WordPress & Xd to WordPress.
        Please submit a new project from here and share your desired samples and ideas with us for redesigning your website

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