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WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design service of Wordune is an excellent approach to gaining shockingly well-looking websites suited inside WordPress boundaries. A perfect design generates more visitors and achieves a higher conversion rate leading to more sales and interactions. Therefore, a beautiful design must be crucial to your online marketing strategy.
You can design your website from scratch by employing an eligible designer or tweak your favorite template/website to bring it close to your entity. Wordune’s WordPress Website design service is the perfect help to beautify your website with today’s most trendy styles and technics of web design. If you have designed your website already, you may want to look at WordPress Speed Optimization or WordPress Content Management services.
WordPress Web Design

There are many different aspects to web design, including:

  • User experience (UX): A website’s user experience (UX) is how easy it is for users to use the website. UX designers focus on making websites easy to navigate and use.
  • User interface (UI): The user interface (UI) of a website is how the website looks and feels. UI designers focus on creating websites that are visually appealing and easy to use.

  • Web development: Web development is the process of creating the code that powers a website. Web developers use a variety of programming languages to create websites. Learn more about Custom WordPress Development.

  • Web design principles: Principles that designers follow while creating websites to ensure reaching the same web standards.

Strengthen your presence amid competitors by Wordune's WordPress Web Design service

Redesign outdated websites

WordPress Web Design service is highly sought after for its ability to update outdated or dysfunctional websites with modern and user-friendly designs. Old websites often lack the latest market trends and needs, so we highly recommend to hire a Figma designer or using our WordPress Web Design service to upgrade your website's appearance before converting directly through WordPress Conversion Service or Elementor Pro.

Boost your e-store's performance with WordPress Web Design service

'Boosting e-store' sub-service of WordPress Web Design has become increasingly popular for its ability to revamp our clients' online stores into sleek, functional, and clutter-free platforms that provide an exceptional user experience. Our clients then utilize our WordPress WooCommerce Development service to enhance their online store further.

Template redesign

Select your preferred template or website design from any author, and we will redesign it into something distinctive that still fulfills your requirements. If you need help determining where to begin, we can present numerous repositories of WordPress templates and website designs. After you've obtained your new design and converted it to WordPress using this sub-service of WordPress Web Design, be sure to utilize WordPress SEO Services too.

Functional design

Our 'Functional Design' sub-service prioritizes creating designs that are both accessible and user-friendly. Visitors to your website will easily find what they are looking for. Once the design is complete, we will deliver the final version in Figma, PSD, or XD format. By any of these, you can use one of our many WordPress conversion services, including Xd to WordPress, PSD to WordPress, or Figma to WordPress, to create your website.

WordPress Web Design

You deserve a captivating website created by talented WordPress Web Design team designers

Why it's important to choose a reputable Web Design company for your website?

Creating a visually pleasing and user-friendly website is the primary goal of responsive web design. It is a complex and constantly evolving field. Hiring a professional team to achieve this goal is crucial. While many designing tools and web agencies are available to help you design or redesign your website, their high hourly rates may provide a different end result. The final design may lack UX calibration or UI alignment with your business objectives. This could divert your focus from your business goals and lead you astray from your intended direction.

  1. Ensure that they have ample experience with WordPress Web Design.
  2. It’s essential to research their reputation.
  3. Check out their Portfolio of previously designed websites.
  4. Review Testimonials.
  5. Effective communication is also crucial. So choosing a company that communicates with you promptly through an exclusive ticketing system but not EMAIL is recommended.
  6. Finally, ensure that the price for the services provided is reasonable.

What is the cost of a WordPress Web Design project?

The price of a Web Design project may differ significantly depending on various factors such as the intricacy of the UX and UI, the designer’s experience, and service hourly rates.

Steps we take for high-quality WordPress Web Design service

  • Wireframe reviews.
  • You provide us with your brand identity, including web fonts, logos, color pallets, general assets, etc.
  • We review your requirements.
  • We ask a few questions.
  • Acquire missing assets.
  • A quote + time of delivery.
  • An exclusive designer works for you.
  • The client reviews the initial Landing page + tweaks.
  • Sub-pages delivery.
  • Full review by client starts.
  • Layers clean-up.
  • Final file review by designer.
  • Deliver the file to the client.
  • Design workshops
    Reviews and quoting
    Design phase


    1. Long story short, I do SEO for my client. They ranked very well for lots of keywords. The problem is I am not that good at web design. So he hired another company to make him a website, and when the site went live, the rankings TANKED. Since we were getting no traffic/leads, we had to revert back to the site I made him. The problem is that it doesn’t look as good as it needs to and I am not good enough at the custom design to re-create the site’s design that tanked. Thanks for your feedback.

      • Hi Bryanet,
        Wordune’s experts can assist you with a variety of custom design services. The most common techniques in Wordune’s WordPress Web Design services are redesigning outdated designs, functionalizing designs, and updating templates. More information can be found in the articles PSD to WordPress & Xd to WordPress.
        Please submit a new project from here and share your desired samples and ideas with us for redesigning your website

    2. Wordune asked us for feedback: We had our Greece-based website designed by this company in March, and we were very impressed with the work they did. The designer, Yulia, was very responsive to our feedback and created a design that we absolutely love. In fact, our website has been so well-received that several clients have asked us about the designer. We highly recommend Wordune to anyone looking for a website designer.

      • Thank you dear Dimitrios, it was a pleasure working with you guys

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