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WordPress Speed Optimization

If your website is experiencing slow speed and poor security performance, seeking professional help and utilizing the WordPress Speed Optimization service might be your next best step. A slow page speed could result in search engines crawling fewer pages within their allocated crawl budget, which could negatively impact your indexation. Therefore, consider using a speed optimization service to keep your brand’s reputation intact and achieve optimal rankings.

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WordPress Speed Optimization
  • The complexity of websites: Over the years, websites have become more complex, with additional features and functionality. This can pose a challenge when it comes to optimizing a website for speed, even with the assistance of a speed optimization service.
  • Lack of expertise: Many website owners need to gain the expertise to optimize their websites for speed. Some web companies may also lack experience in such critical tasks.

  • Cost: Speed optimization services can be expensive and a barrier for some website owners.

  • Misconfiguration: Sometimes, even if a website is designed to be fast, it can run slow if not set up correctly. The issue could be related to the hosting provider, poor third-party plugin usage, or if the code isn’t optimized correctly. 

What do we offer under website Speed Optimization service?

Minify CSS/JavaScript/HTML

Code Optimization involves removing unnecessary calculations and operations to make it run faster. We can dramatically increase your page speed by optimizing your code (including removing spaces, commas, and other unnecessary characters), removing code comments, formatting, and unused code. Google recommends using CSSNano and UglifyJS.

Fix/Remove bloated plugins

Bloated plugins can slow down your WordPress website. This is because they take longer to load and can use more memory. With so many plugins available, it's important to be selective to avoid plugin overload. Our experts can evaluate your WordPress plugin selection and suggest updates, replacements, or removals to prevent your site's speed from being affected negatively.

Optimizing available images

We make sure that your images are no larger than they need to be, that they are in the correct file format (PNGs are generally better for graphics with fewer than 16 colors, while JPEGs are usually better for images), and that compressed for the web. We place a high priority on Image Optimization in our WordPress Conversion Service.

Set up CDN

CDN is a distributed server system that works together to deliver web content to users based on their geographic location. CDN is a critical part of the maintenance and support of a website. We can assist you in selecting and configuring the services of any of the top three market players on your behalf. Also for the periodical needs of your website, the following service is suggested WordPress Maintenance and Support.

Enable compression

To improve the loading speed of your pages, it is recommended to compress your files. Nowadays, compression can be quickly done by Gzip, which is considered standard practice. We also utilize other methods to compress your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that exceed 150 bytes in size. Reducing the file size will improve the page's loading time.

Reduce redirects/external scripts

Too many Redirects can create additional HTTP requests, negatively impacting speed. The fewer requests your site makes to your server, the faster a page will load. Eliminating unnecessary external scripts can significantly improve your website's speed, with CSS and JS files often being the main culprits. In the future, you may also require WordPress Content Management service.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Boost your website's speed and performance with WordPress Speed ​​Optimization

Why is it crucial to select a reliable Speed Optimization service to get a fast website?

In Web development, “How do I speed up my website?” is frequently asked. It’s critical to ensure that your website is optimized for speed, and having an expert examine it is the best way to achieve this. Having a slow website can significantly harm your business. While numerous tips are available online, analyzing speed test results and identifying the most significant issues can be time-consuming.

Furthermore, you may be unaware of your site’s complicated glitches contributing to its slow performance. Using a professional speed optimization service is more effective than attempting to implement various tips and tricks gathered from different sources on your own. They have the expertise to detect issues and take appropriate action quickly.
  1. Ensure that they have ample experience with WordPress and Speed Optimization.
  2. It’s essential to research their reputation.
  3. Check out their website for the GTmetrix score.
  4. Request a score projection for your website after Speed Optimization.
  5. Effective communication is crucial when selecting a company. Choosing a company that communicates with you promptly through an exclusive ticketing system rather than Email is recommended.
  6. Finally, ensure that the price for the services provided is reasonable.

What is the cost of a WordPress Speed Optimization service?

The cost to speed up your website depends on various factors, such as the intricacy of the project; the plan to implement speed optimization techniques and hourly service rates for the expert is being considered.

Steps we take for high-quality WordPress Speed Optimization

  • You share credentials.
  • We note the initial Score of your website.
  • Review the website Speed
  • Plugins review.
  • A quote + Score projection + time of delivery.
  • Speed Optimization starts.
  • Premium plugin proposal.
  • Special technics apply to improve the Score.
  • You compare the initial and projected Scores.
  • Requirement sharing
    Requirement analysis


    1. Can you take a look at things we can optimize to make the site faster and fewer errors? It waterfall shows things I am not able to fix, but I would like it to load faster to the first meaningful paint. Hosted with WPMUDEV. Let me know if I should open ticket. Thanks!

      • Hi there,
        A premium caching plugin is recommended, however plugins like Autoptimize can also be helpful. To check your website’s performance, please open a new ticket from here and share your WordPress credentials.

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