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WordPress Conversion Service

Typically, Convert Website has two definitions:

1. Converting a website from one platform to another
2. Converting a website visitor into a customer

Our WordPress Conversion Service involves a series of steps required to migrate/convert a website or design from its current platform to another. These steps ensure a seamless transition between platforms while minimizing any loss in UI and functionality of your website design. We recommend using our WordPress SEO Services and WordPress Speed Optimization after each conversion project for optimal results.
WordPress Conversion Service

I need to: convert website, convert design, website migration [🤯]. We merged all terms into the WordPress Conversion Service!

Migrate/convert from any web platform or design sources

It helps you to convert a design from various designing sources, such as Figma, and website migration from various web platforms, such as Shopify, Wix, etc., directly into WordPress.

Convert design files to the WordPress theme of your choice

We can convert design into a WordPress theme of your choice, no matter how complex. Also, check out Themeforest or PSD Jungle on Wordune's design repository.

Listing conversion

Based on your design mock-ups, we can develop a dynamic solution to help you handle the process of your business easier. Hotels, products, reservation systems, etc., are the common domains that match these types of developments. For further information, visit the Custom WordPress Development service.

Direct Conversion

If you have an outdated website, require a new design, or admire your competitor's website, this service is for you! We convert your ideal website directly into WP without paying for WordPress Web Design. Bypassing the web design phase is only suggested for some websites or businesses.

E-commerce conversion

Our team develops customized templates for single product pages using a dynamic approach that suits any product. We also design a shop page that showcases all products in the best possible way. Additionally, we configure payment methods, cart, and checkout processes.

WordPress Conversion Service

Make the most of WP Conversion Service's benefits to improve the caliber of your website!

Choose a reliable Conversion team!

Choosing a reliable conversion team is of utmost importance. It is imperative to research thoroughly and find potential teams with a proven track record of success equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to execute the project effectively. A dependable team should also prioritize clear communication and transparency throughout the conversion process to ensure a seamless and satisfactory outcome.

  1. Ensure they have content, guidelines, or blogs around topics like convert website, convert design and website migration.
  2. It is crucial to research their reputation.
  3. Review their Portfolio of websites that were developed in the past.
  4. Review Testimonials.
  5. Effective communication is also crucial. So choosing a team that communicates with you promptly through an exclusive ticketing system but not EMAIL is recommended.
  6. Make sure that the cost of the services offered is fair and reasonable.

What is the cost of a WordPress Conversion Service project?

How much does it cost to convert my website, convert a design, or website migration? The cost of these services can vary significantly based on factors like the complexity of the project, the developer’s expertise, and service hourly rates.

Steps we take for a high-quality WordPress Conversion Service

  • We listen to you carefully.
  • You outline your needs.
  • You share credentials.
  • We review your project.
  • We ask few questions.
  • Acquire missing assets.
  • A quote + time of delivery.
  • Your task starts.
  • We discuss features and workarounds
  • Home is ready for review.
  • Move to sub-pages.
  • Rigorous QA.
  • Final responsive check.
  • You start review...
  • Preparation to start your WordPress Conversion Service project
    Analyzing your requirements
    Converting starts!


    1. Hi there,
      We’ve sent a brief outline of the website content that we are looking to change to your mail:
      We want to use the 7 theme. We do not need the partner portfolio to be filtered. We want the resources to look similar to how they look now on our site. Would you check your email and let us know what’s next?

      • Hi Caroline. Thanks for reaching out to us.
        We’re reviewing your email and will back to you very soon with a reply to your email. Meanwhile kindly review these two pages in details. WordPress Content Management and PSD to WordPress

    2. Greetings from Bend, Oregon. I recently utilized this service to convert my Figma files into a WordPress theme, and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the website that was delivered to me. Despite my design being relatively complex and large and my tight budget, the service was flexible enough to accept my invoice for under $1K. They asked me to provide positive feedback on Trustpilot, but I also wanted to express my genuine thoughts here. Thank you all.

    3. Hi Marilyn.
      We are glad that you are happy with the project’s outcome and thank you for your kind words. It will be a pleasure to work with you on your upcoming projects in Wordune.

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