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General notes

  1. For blog posts, portfolios, team members, products, etc., we will use dummy texts and images if you don’t provide genuine content at the beginning of the project. When your content gets ready, and you desire our assistance in replacing those dummy content with new ones, additional quote requires under WordPress Content Management service.

  2. We consider only one main language (e.g., English) for a multilingual website when quoting your project. Under WordPress Content Management service, we will calculate an additional estimate for other languages and the new number of pages.

  3. We assume that if a customer has to construct a staging website with data copied from the original website, the customer’s host provider will handle the procedure and all related tasks. However, if the customer asks us to do so, we need a separate quote under WordPress Content Management. If the customer doesn’t have any staging website or asks us to carry on the task on Wordune’s staging website and, in the end, move things to their final destination, additional quotes require.

  4. Customers must already have established WordPress settings, purchased host and domain, and installed the initial configuration; otherwise, additional quotes require.

  5. If your project needs to move to another theme or page builder (for instance, from Divi to Elementor), all codes in the child theme (and main theme) must recode again under Custom WordPress Development service.

  6. To complete your project, we may need to use a premium plugin (or several). We inform you of this requirement at the start of each project. Such circumstances may emerge in a project due to requesting anything outside of the project’s original scope. In both cases, the customer is responsible for the cost of the premium plugin.

  7. We will follow all the SEO tags standards if you task us with injecting content. In other words, we consider the proper HTML tags (H1, H2, …) and set fonts and colors globally.

  8. We commit to delivering the whole project fully in a Responsive state, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, for free.

  9. For each project, users can request up to three rounds of modification. Moving elements or sections, adjusting ratios or cropping images, and making minor styling adjustments are all examples of revisions. Modifications do not mean extensive visual or functional changes. After delivering your project, you’ll get a 30-day bug-fixing warranty that covers things like conflict issues, critical website errors, broken codes or functionality, etc.

  10. ETA refers to a date by which your project will deliver. This period starts right after your payment. We may notice that your design file or requirements are not feasible based on theme or page builder features. In this case, we may provide you with separate ETAs if your project requires other services, such as Custom WordPress Development service.

Additional quotes

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