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General notes

We recommend that all new clients read our General Notes document before working with Wordune team.

  • For blog posts, portfolios, team members, products, etc., we will use dummy texts and images if you don’t provide genuine content at the beginning of the project. When your content gets ready and you desire our assistance in replacing those dummy content with new ones, an additional quote is required under WordPress Content Management service.
  • To meet SEO standards, we will ensure proper HTML tagging and global font/color settings for injected content.
  • When providing a quote for your project, we only consider the primary language for a multilingual website (e.g., English). However, under our WordPress Content Management service, we will provide an additional estimate for other languages and an updated page count.
  • If a client needs to create a staging website by copying data from their original website, we assume their host provider will handle the procedure and all related tasks. However, if the client wants us to do it, we need a separate quote under WordPress Content Management. In case the client does not have any staging website or requests us to carry out the task on Wordune’s staging website and then move it to their final destination, additional quotes will be required.
  • We may need one or more premium plugins to finish your assignment. We will inform you about these requirements at the outset of each project. Additionally, additional plugins may be necessary if the client requests anything outside of the project scope. In both cases, the client is responsible for the cost of the premium plugins.
  • Users can request up to three rounds of modifications for each project. These revisions include moving elements or sections, adjusting ratios or cropping images, and minor styling adjustments. It’s important to note that modifications do not contain significant visual or functional changes. After your project has been delivered, you’ll receive a 30-day bug-fixing warranty that covers conflict issues, critical website errors, broken codes or functionality, and other similar issues.
  • We will deliver a fully responsive project for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices for free.
  • ETA refers to the date by which your project will be delivered. This period starts right after your payment.

Additional quotes

Installing WordPress | Host or DNS configuration

$35 hourly | It takes up to 2 hours to complete. For more details, please visit our WordPress Maintenance and Support service.

Migration | Moving all data from staging to the main website

$35 hourly | It takes at least 2 hours. Hours may increase depending on the amount of data (pages, CPTs, etc.) that needs to be transmitted.

Theme/plugin updates | Updating all to the latest version

$35 hourly | It takes 1 hour to complete. The estimated update time of 1 hour is subject to extension in case of any unexpected issues during theme or plugin updates.

Multilingual website | Adding new languages to your website

$35 hourly | The cost is determined by the number of languages and pages that must be added to the website. Each language, on average, takes at least 4 hours to complete.

Image optimization | Files-name correction | Optimizing sizes

$35 hourly | It takes at least 2 hours. This sub-service does not include tasks like resizing images, changing ratios, etc. The clients should do these tasks or request them under WordPress Web Design service.

Content injection | Replacing dummy texts with your content

$35 hourly | It takes at least 5 hours. Depending on the amount of content that needs to be added to the website, hours may rise (number of paragraphs, unoptimized images, etc.)