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15 top best Elementor addons

best elementor addons

Introduction to Elementor

It’s not news that Elementor is one of the best page builders for WordPress for now. Even the free version of the plugin provides all the features that need to build professional websites. However, if you want to fully unlock all possibilities of this universal tool, you need to look at third-party solutions to get all the power and potential.

Third-party add-ons can significantly extend the functionality of Elementor. They have different functionalities, some of them add new widgets, and some extend the functionality of existing widgets. You can even get some features that are not available even in the Pro version of Elementor.

List of 15 top best Elementor addons

This post will review 15 top best Elementor addons of our favorite and handpicked collections that have already gained popularity and a good reputation. You might use them in your existing or next big web project, so let’s check them out.

- Essential addon

Click here to visit their website

Essential Addons is a huge set of Elementor widgets in one plugin. It’s available as a free and premium version and a highly popular addon of Elementor with more than 1M installation.

The free version of this plugin contains 40+ widgets. These are basic widgets to cover the basic needs of any website. You may want to get the Pro version for more features and options, including advanced widgets and templates.

Benefits of this plugin:

  • 90+ widgets in total, (free + premium widgets)
  • 2000+ templates for any category of the website
  • WooCommerce widgets
  • Dynamic content for custom templates
  • Creative elements – these are special widgets you can’t find in other addons
  • Social elements
  • Documentation
  • 29M download and 1M Happy customer

- Ultimate Addons

Click here to visit their website

Our second suggestion from our 15 top best Elementor addons list is the Ultimate addons powered by the famous Brainstorm force team, Astra theme maker. Currently, 646,396 websites use this plugin around the web.

Let’s outline some of the great features of the plugin:

  • 40+ premium widgets and extensions
  • 100+ website templates ready to deploy on your blank theme
  • 200+ section blocks to add anywhere at any time
  • Copy design from one site to another – You can copy and paste sections, pages, and widgets from one domain to another.
  • Good performance – You switch on and off widgets as you require; this keeps it light and fast.

Besides standard website building widgets, Ultimate addons also support WooCommerce widgets, login forms, mega menus, and different marketing and CTA buttons.

- ElementsKit

Click here to visit their website

ElementsKit is a relatively new player among Elementor addons, but the popularity of this plugin is increasing quickly on the best Elementor addons list. This plugin offers all one solution for Elementor; it has everything you need from one tool, a solid amount of widgets, header and footer builders, social feeds, and different parallax effects.

Let’s check the advantages of the ElementsKit:

  • 85+ widgets
  • 500+ section templates
  • 35+ Premade page templates
  • Header and footer builder – with 45 premade templates
  • MegaMenu builder
  • Parallax effects
  • Advanced tabs
  • Conditional content
  • Cross-domain copy-paste allows you to copy sections or premade designs over the domains

Another notable feature in the plugin is a custom widget builder. This feature allows you to create a custom widget, advanced sticky content, and an advanced table.

- Crocoblock plugins. Best Elementor addons in our list

Click here to visit their website

Another famous plugin among our best Elementor plugins list is the Crocoblock family. This vast Elementor addons repository is probably one of the extensive sets of plugins that extend Elementor functionality. They have a wide range of plugins for any occasion: Elementor widgets, Booking system, JetEngine for custom post types, JetWoobuilder for shop sites, popups, form builders, etc.

Crocoblock includes 20+ premium plugins for Elementor and Guttenberg, a significant advantage. Some of the highlighting perks of the Crocoblock family are listed below:

  • 150+ Widget
  • 20+ Jet plugins for any purpose
  • Popup builder
  • Megamenu builder
  • Advanced form builder
  • Dynamic Content for Elementor and Gutenberg
  • Advanced Filters for Any Post Type
  • Custom WooCommerce Shop Pages (Cart, checkout, single product page, shop page)
  • Appointment plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg
  • Booking functionality
  • Compare and Wishlist functionality
  • Header and Footer’s builder with premade templates
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Grid layout for Elementor and Guttenberg

- Visibility Logic

Click here to visit their website

Visibility Logic is a relatively small plugin compared to other competitors of the “best Elementor addons” list that only extends the functionality of existing widgets in Elementor and doesn’t affect style. The free version is listed in the WordPress repository, and the Pro version is available on the creator’s website.

Show or hide Elementor widgets or sections based on various conditions like User is logged in, User has a specific meta, The day is Wednesday, The time is between X and Y, The user is using Firefox browser, and many more.

Best Elementor addon for WordPress?

text to be updated soon…

- A premium service offering Elementor Widget Development

Do you need to develop a plugin from scratch or create a widget for your Elementor?

If you’re willing to do so, let’s offer you both Elementor Widget Development and WordPress Plugin Development services of Wordune team to enhance your website functionality using the most up-to-date coding techniques, UI, and UX practices.

15 top best Elementor addons. Conclusion.

You might feel happy to see lots of widgets, features, and extensions but always try to keep your list of plugins short. Most of these plugins add many new files to load on your website, which means more HTTP requests. More plugins directly correlate to the bad performance and more work in maintenance and security.

Choosing the right tool depends on the project and the person working on it. There is no best plugin in the world; it’s for you to decide which plugin fulfills your needs.

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