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WPBakery vs. Elementor

WPBakery vs. Elementor

WPBakery vs. Elementor. Page builders

WPBakery vs. Elementor, which one is suitable for your needs? Before answering this question, we need to know WordPress; this content management system changed the way of publishing personal or corporate information. We love WordPress because it’s easy to use and offers various customization options. Today WordPress stands behind 40% of the entire internet, and one reason it has become so popular is the way users can interact with pages. Since drag and drop page builders raised the usability bar like never before, we’ve compared the most popular page builder, WPBakery vs. Elementor.

Working with pages in WordPress was not always easy; nowadays, you, like many other users, are using page builders. A few years back, it was not easy to add interactive elements like contact forms, sliders, blogs, or pop-ups to your website without coding skills. Later with the introduction of visual page builder, this process became a lot faster and easier; in other words, working with code lines was changed by the drag and drop interface.

Many page builders are out there, such as Divi, Oxygen Builder, Beaver, SiteOrigin, Brizy, Elementor, WPBakery page builder, and many others are battling with each other to offer the best user experience, support, and pricing options. It isn’t easy to know which one is the best for you. To make this process easier, we will compare WPBakery vs. Elementor, the two most important ones. We hope this article helps you decide which page builder is the right choice for you.

What is WPBakery?

WPBakery vs. Elementor
With more than 400k sales, WPBakery page builder, formerly known as a Visual composer, is a pioneer page builder that appeared in the early stage of the page builder era.

The plugin first debuted in 2011 for sale on the famous Codecanyon marketplace and immediately became a hit in sales. This plugin played a significant role in page builders’ popularity. WPBakery page builder allows you to create a unique page using drag and drop blocks called “Content Elements.” There are 50 content elements for many different purposes, including Video Players, Image Carousels, Post Grids, Charts, Text Blocks, etc. One of the features we like the most in WPBakery is the Custom Grid builder; this allows you to create a custom listing for blogs or other post types.

WPBakery comes with both frontend and backend editors. The backend builder is best for building page layout and structuring page initially, while the frontend builder is best to style elements; your changes get applied on a live site, and it’s easier to get your results. It’s also possible to switch from frontend to backend editor while editing your site. Users love WPBakery because of its lightness, easy-to-use interface, frontend and backend editors, templates, translation-ready, and good options to make a responsive page.

What is Elementor?

WPBakery vs. Elementor
If you are looking for a free and powerful page builder plugin, then Elementor will appear on the first page of your search.

Today Elementor is the most prominent player in the page builder market. This plugin first debuted in 2016 and quickly grew to have millions of active installs. Elementor always uses the latest development technologies. The plugin features an easy-to-use drag and drop builder, a glitch-free visual interface, and full site editing options that allow you to create responsive websites quickly.

Elementor is an advanced page builder. You can customize every corner of the website, including header, footer, body, or even default WooCommerce pages like cart, checkout, or the single product page. With more than 90+ builder widgets, you can quickly achieve any design goal.

Recently, they announced Elementor Cloud Website where users can get everything in one package, including Hosting, website, Elementor page builder, and domain.

Cons and pros? WPBakery vs. Elementor

- User experience in WPBakery vs. Elementor

User experience while comparing WPBakery vs. Elementor is almost different. As we said before, WPBakery (visual composer) has two options to build pages, frontend and backend editors. If you want to add an element, you need to click on the big plus icon; a wide, horizontal popup will appear with the all list of elements. You need to click on the element you need, and then another popup will appears with the element options.

If you open the Elementor page builder, you will immediately see all available elements on the left sidebar. All you need is to drag and drop elements in the drop area, and the elements option will be visible once you click on every element.

Elementor has an excellent inline editing feature which is a major advantage, but it does not have a backend editor; however, it’s no big deal.

- Number of templates and widgets

The right page builder should have enough elements to build an effective and dynamic website. WPBakery and Eleanor have plenty of elements to fulfill the basic demands of users.

WPBakery vs. Elementor

Both plugins have third-party add-ons, but Elementor has more add-ons than WPBakery page builder.

- Customization depth in WPBakery vs. Elementor

Front, the beginning page builders, used to build pages, but this status has been changed later on. Nowadays, we use them both on the pages and on the website’s appearance. When we compare WPBakary vs. Elementor, it’s essential to consider that the first one is a little older than the second one so that we will have some significant differences in some points.

WPBakary is a pure page builder plugin, and by default, it can be used only for pages. This plugin is good for working on-page content, but if you want to build a custom header, footer, and custom post type templates, you need to find other ways because WPBakary can’t reach those parts of the website for customization.

Elementor is not only a page builder, but it also can edit any corner of your website. Starting from pages, headers, footers, sidebars, and post-type templates, it can even restyle WooCommerce pages such as single product templates, checkout pages, and cart pages. So if you want a full site editing experience from one plugin, then Elementor is your choice.

- Which one is more development-friendly?

Any page builder must draw in as many side developers as possible; nevertheless, this is impossible without a developer-friendly product and poor documentation.

WPBakery can be considered a developer-friendly page builder. It has good documentation and developer-friendly code, but Elementor is superior. They have better support for developers and better documentation. A special portal for developers covers everything from A to Z. Elementor also provides a special version of the Elementor for developers with all-new features and experiments under the testing phase and unavailable in the standard version.

- What are their unique features?

Both plugins offer some distinctive features, which is a benefit; nonetheless, Elementor stands out thanks to its numerous unique features. Let’s go through a few of these attributes.

WPBakery has a grid builder, which is not available in Elementor; you can create a custom grid of posts, pages, portfolios, or other post types. Grid builder is a built-in option, and while the Elementor addons can provide such features, it’s not a default feature.

Elementor has many unique features not available in WPBakery, for example, Theme builder, conditional display of templates, header and footer builder, popup builder, form builder, custom font, and others.

- Ecosystems in WPBakery vs. Elementor

The number of third-party addons plays a significant role for web designers; addons and extensions can extend the functionality of the main plugin.

WPBakery and Elementor have many plugins that can be found on the web in different marketplaces. However, if we do a little research, we can easily spot that Elementor has way more addons than WPBakery, even though WPBakery is older than Elementor. Let’s check some numbers.

You can find about 170 plugins for WPBakery on the popular code canyon platform, while there are more than 300 addons for Elementor. Moving to, you can find 15 for WPBakery and more than 600 for Elementor.

Why does Google search for WPBakery to Elementor happen so frequently?

WPBakery to Elementor service is one of the most searched keywords among website owners. The reason is that people are looking for faster solutions when it comes to updating and maintaining their websites. While the Elementor team is following the latest trends in the market, their Elementor front-end editor’s quality and stability seem to be preferred and relied upon more than other competitors.

- Premium services offering WPBakery to Elementor

Do you need help migrating your website from WPBakery to Elementor?

If you’re willing to move your website from WPBakery to Elementor or Convert/Move to Jupiter X theme Wordune offers an excellent migration service painlessly with the utmost result.

WPBakery vs. Elementor, which one should I choose?

If you are still here, we hope now you know the major difference and similarities between WPBakery vs. Elementor. These two plugins significantly do the trick; however, you may choose one or another depending on the project and priorities.

Elementor is quicker than WPBakery. It has a modern interface and is less laggy, saving a lot of time. Elementor has better style choices and a deeper level of customization. Many theme developers nowadays choose Elementor as their website page builder, pushing the ecosystem of Elementor widgets to grow faster.

There is nothing wrong if you choose WPBakery as your page builder. It’s a solid decision. WPBakery was used by more than 4.300.000+ people in their projects. It has excellent performance and is easier to use. The team in WPBakery no longer adds unique features, but anything that plugin has needs to work without issues.


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