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Adobe Xd vs. Sketch

Adobe Xd vs. Sketch

Adobe Xd vs. Sketch. Introduction to design platforms

Comparing Adobe Xd vs. Sketch is a viral topic among designers. Sketch appeared a long time ago, and it has always been the most popular prototyping tool. But like everywhere, competition is higher than ever before, and in recent years other popular alternatives have popped out; one of them is Adobe XD.

We all understand what these tools are all about and what they do. Still, In this article, we will compare the two most famous designers’ tools, Adobe Xd vs. Sketch. We will analyze the cons and pros of both, and we will answer many other important questions to reveal which platform precisely supports your needs.

What is Adobe Xd?

Adobe Xd vs. Sketch

Many of the ideas in Xd were adapted from Sketch

The project was created in 2015 by the well-known corporation Adobe to respond to the famous software Sketch. In 2016, the first public beta was launched. It was initially only available for macOS, but a Windows version was released later that year. They formally announced Adobe Xd out of beta around a year later.

Xd swiftly gained popularity as a member of Adobe Creative Cloud, particularly among Adobe-native designers and developers. Although many of the ideas in Xd were adapted from Sketch, Adobe also included several unique capabilities. It was easier to use for beginners, and the ability to work with Illustrator, Photoshop, and AfterEffects files made it even better.

What is Sketch?

Adobe Xd vs. Sketch
The sketch was awarded by Apple Design Award in 2012.

Sketch is an old player among prototyping tools; it was first introduced in 2010 by a Dutch company and has been a huge success since then. Sketch was a leader in the field, and it was a pioneer in establishing a few standards for user interface software.

Sketch is trendy among UI/UX designers because it’s easy to use with all its tools and has a great choice of plugins. However, Sketch is only available for macOS, yet don’t have a plan to build a Windows-supported app. However, web technologies are rapidly evolving, and major operating systems fully support their web-based app.

Cons and pros? Adobe Xd vs. Sketch

- Supported platforms

Adobe Xd is universal; it can run both on Windows and macOS; plus, you can use it in a browser, desktop, or even a mobile app. Adobe also offers XD mobile app, which allows previewing your files and design on Android and iOS devices. No editing is possible, but the preview is a significant advantage.

As mentioned before, Sketch is available only for macOS, and they don’t have a plan for Windows or Linux. However, those who still want to use Sketch can use the browser app of Sketch. It doesn’t have all the features of an actual App, but web apps are evolving fast, and new features are added constantly.

- Tutorials in Adobe Xd vs. Sketch

When comparing the tutorials of Adobe Xd vs. Sketch, we see a tight competition. Both software offers free tutorials, and there are thousands of hours of free videos on Youtube. Adobe Xd offers step-by-step video guides and recorded live streams, while Sketch prefers documentation plus how-to videos that are not beginner-friendly.

- Interface comparison in XD versus Sketch

More or fewer interfaces of both Adobe Xd and Sketch are similar, and it’s effortless to start, even for beginner users. Sketch shares macOS design aesthetic and feelings, so it is easy for Mac users, while Adobe Xd shares the design logic of famous Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. If you have earlier experience with them, you will find the XD interface similarly intuitive.

- Live collaboration

Collaboration and coworking on the projects are essential features of any software; let’s check which platforms are better, comparing Adobe Xd vs. Sketch.

Adobe Xd coediting feature allows real-time collaboration in the cloud. If you already have experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud you must know how comfortable this is; the live collaboration of Xd in the cloud is the best and has become the industry standard for prototyping tools.

Sketch implemented real-time collaboration in 2021, but it’s only available for those with subscriptions to the Mac app. Sketch collaboration includes basic features like “Browsable version history” and “Follow Mode” where users can watch how another designer works. You can also invite an unlimited amount of viewers to review your work and get feedback.

- Plugins and extensions

Plugins and extensions are a great option to extend the software’s functionality; thanks to the strong community of developers, Adobe Xd and Sketch have a good amount of free and paid plugins.

Adobe Xd offers a wide range of native and third-party plugins, known as Ui Kits; these plugins enable integration with useful tools and services. For example, if you want to design your project by using Google Material Design or Apple Design, you will be able to integrate it with Ui Kits. Other design assets are from Bootstrap, IBM, Amazon, SAP Fiori Design Stencils, and others.

For better collaboration, you will find Stark and Trello and some other popular services.

If you compare the plugins page of Adobe Xd vs. Sketch, you will quickly discover that Sketch has more plugins than Adobe XD. Sketch plugins also can do a more job than Adobe Xd; you can add extra functionality and customize existing features or work automation. Besides existing plugins, there is also an option to create your plugin in Sketch ecosystem. It has good documentation for this, and if you need some unique feature, it’s possible to add.

- Features of Adobe Xd vs. Sketch

This comparison of Adobe Xd vs. Sketch will enable you to make an informed decision. The list may be longer, but we tried to narrow it down to the unique features that might be particularly helpful to you as you choose.


  • Easy to learn – it’s effortless to become a pro in Sketch
  • Better options for plugins – over 1000 integrations are at your mouse click
  • Great for mockups and wireframing
  • Real-time collaboration for macOS Sketch subscribers

Adobe Xd

  • Superior prototyping features
  • Available for Windows and macOS
  • Supports website wireframing
  • Voice recording – you can record audio conversation apps (this is unique to Xd)
  • Great grid features – it can automatically generate grids by your configuration
  • Preview on mobile devices – there is an IOS and Android app that allows you to preview work on mobile devices

XD vs. Sketch. Designers prefer which one?

Undoubtedly, both prototyping tools are leaders in the segment. They have everything a designer may need for complex projects; The foremost reason designers choose a particular design platform depends on their project scale, customer sensitivity, and project delivery time. Nowadays, designers who need faster design solutions usually select Sketch. But designers who have big scale projects and need to collaborate with a marketing team assigned by customers prefer Adobe Xd.

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Adobe Xd vs. Sketch, which one should I start with?

We hope your configuration is complete and you know which option to select if you’ve made it this far. The fact that Sketch is open for macOS users can be a considerable disadvantage for windows users, while Adobe XD and other prototyping tools widely opened doors for them.

It’s important to consider any tool no matter free or pro, with or without features, only will output the best results if you know how to use it properly. Both Adobe Xd and Sketch are powerful tools, they can do any job, but the most crucial part here is to choose the right tool that is precisely for you and your task.

We are more than happy to answer any questions not covered here or if you still have any doubts.

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